Wildlife has been of interest to me from a very young age. I always had a desire to photograph, document and preserve the beauty and awesomeness of Gods creation.

This website is a means to share some of what I see, in pictures here. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do.    Photography gives us glimpses into the lives and behavior of all the birds and animals around us.   Wildlife can be a lifelong learning enjoyment. There is always some new behavior, display or species to learn about, observe, track, listen too and maybe photograph.

Birds have always shown me the complexity and wonder of creation.  I believe such complexity points to a Creator.  A gift from God, for us to enjoy and appreciate.  

Wildlife is overlooked by many these days yet it has so much to offer.  When demands and pressures of life become overwhelming, Birds, Animals and the Great Outdoors offer a peace and a chance to reset your mind.

It is... a life well lived.

Lenny Gorski  ~  2023

The heavens declare the glory of God And the firmament shows His handiwork.   Psalm 19:1

All our images are of wild, free ranging birds and animals.

State parks, forests, wildlife refuge areas, streams, swamps, the coast and backyards.

The Remote North Maine Boreal Forest


"I'm a wildlife photographer to glorify God. My reason for being is to photograph the beauty that God has created and make other people aware of it and see that He gets the credit."
Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III.

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